The most stressful times of the year.

I am pretty young so I should not really be feeling the stress of Christmas but I really do. You would have thought that Surrey escorts of would not be so busy around Christmas time but it really is busy. This week I have even worked two extra nights. The truth is that we have a lot of visitors to London this time of the year. That is not a problem but it can be exhausting.

Around Christmas time, I always try to go home. I grew up in this village in Devon and I like to visit my family around this time of the year. Normally I can get a few days off from Surrey escorts. I just pack up the car with lots of Christmas presents and I drive home to Devon. It is normally cooler in Devon and I just love approaching our village in the late afternoon. The village is so pretty and the smoke is coming out of the chimneys.

Before I leave London, I do spend a lot of time shopping for special presents. Most of the time you get really good tips around Christmas time and I spend that one buying special foods. I keep on wondering if my gents at Surrey escorts know that I spend some of their money in stores like Fortnum and Mason. There is nothing like some nice Christmas cake and Christmas pudding from some of the top stores in London, but shopping can be stressful. There are just so many people everywhere around Christmas.

On top of that I like to spoil my family. I do earn pretty good money at Surrey escorts, and I save some money towards Christmas every month. In that way I do not have to panic when it comes to Christmas. Finding the right Christmas presents can sometimes be stressful. I am a bit of perfectionist and I want everything to be perfect. Yes, I do go around a lot of different stores to find the perfect presents for my family and friends back in Devon. I think that they need a treat.

Normally by the time Christmas comes around, I am pretty exhausted and tired. It is so nice to wave goodbye to Surrey escorts for about a week to ten days, and just drive home. Once I am home, I feel that all of the stress just melts away from me I spend lots of time walking the family dogs and I go to the beach as well. There is something special about the beach in the winter time, and I love it. Once I have back in London, I am ready to tackle Surrey escort services again. It is a great feeling and a bit like having your battery recharged. The time leading up to Christmas can be stressful but afterwards I normally feel really good about myself. I have more energy to look after my lovely gents at the escort agency.

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