A Dj Party Turns Into A Wild Night

Rick was super excited to attend a local DJ party in his home city of Charlotte. He heard about the party from a friend of his and it was supposed to be a wild party. When Rick got to the party that night, the music was loud and the drinks were flowing. Rick was mingling with friends when he noticed a superhot female staring at him from the bar. This woman was extremely beautiful and dressed in a very sexy dress. Rick excused himself from his friends and walked over to this amazing looking woman.

The Introduction for Seduction

Rick introduced himself to the beautiful woman that had been staring at him. He found out that her name was Cara and she was only 21 years old. Rick was a bit older at 39 but that did not stop Cara from really being attracted to him. Rick bought Cara a whiskey and Coke, and the two began to chat. Cara was very flirty with Rick from the start. She was wearing a low-cut dress and she bent over so that Rick could get a good look at her full D cup breasts. Cara was very upfront with Rick and told him that she was an escort. This did not seem to bother Rick as he was really into Cara. Cara told Rick about a website that she was on and Rick checked out charlotte escorts on his phone. After seeing some super sexy photos of Cara on the website, he offered to pay for her services. The two got their coats and then took a taxi back to Rick’s upscale apartment.

The Passion Begins

After Rick took Cara back to his apartment, they started ripping each other’s clothes off. In a flash, Rick and Cara were on his large bed. Totally naked, Cara climbed on top of Rick and started riding him hard. Cara loved how large Rick’s cock was and she screamed with pleasure. Then Rick took control and rolled Cara over on her stomach and began performing doggy style. The pair were really building up a sweat and both climaxed at the same time. This superhot night out really turned into something very special for Rick. This was the first time he had purchased an escort, and for sure he would do it again. That night Rick had the wildest time of his life and he even told his best friends about it.


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